Telepsychology Counseling Sessions:

You are getting service by computer because physical, geographic, or social concern needs make it hard for you to get to my office. I will counsel you on your computer. The equipment you need is a computer with a camera and microphone for each session.

I will tell you when to turn on your computer and I will show you how to connect the equipment. Then we will connect with a private secure connection. This connection makes sure that your privacy is protected. Your privacy is important to me. Laws about medical privacy are called HIPPA.  You are on a secure connection meeting HIPPA standards.  

Important Things to Know:

  • You will received information about HIPPA when you register for counseling and will receive a permission form to sign.
  • Anytime during a computer counseling session, you can request that we stop.
  • You can have face to face treatment anytime you want.  We will schedule a suitable time for your appointment.
  • The only person present during your speech therapy sessions is your psychologist. The psychologist is in a private room during treatment. The screen cannot be seen by anyone else.
  • You should be aware of how you set your computer. Don’t place it where someone you don’t want can see or hear it.  During treatment we will not discuss any specific medical information with you.  We will only speak with you about what you need to do in counseling.